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Our Story

Welcome to Putah Creek Cafe where breakfast begins at 8am daily, the aroma of Applewood bacon and freshly brewed roasted coffee fill the air as farmers and early morning folks enter the cafe. You can tell great food by how the locals and out of town visitors line up each weekend for comfort food at its finest.

Putah Creek Cafe is a family owned restaurant that takes pride in offering a great dining experience in a friendly casual atmosphere. The owners, John & Melanie Pickerel are actively involved in its day-to-day operations with a cheerful staff ready to take care of your meal either breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Our Hours

We are open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch & dinner

Breakfast & Lunch
Monday: 8-4:30pm
Tuesday: 8-4:30pm
Wednesday: 8-3pm
Thursday: 8-4:30pm
Friday: 8-4:30pm
Saturday: 8-4:30pm
Sunday: 8-4:30pm

Breakfast menu available until 2:30pm
Lunch menu begins at 11:00am

Monday: 4:30-8pm
Tuesday: 4:30-8pm
Wednesday: CLOSED for dinner
Thursday: 4:30-9pm
Friday: 4:30-9pm
Saturday: 4:30-9pm
Sunday: 4:30-8pm

Please note:
We are temporarily closed for dinner
on Wednesday evening. 


Come in and eat with us